Men's Groups

Relationships can often be very tricky and confusing. In a men's group we help you build skills and tools that will make relationships easier to navigate. You'll find effective ways to express what you may have been afraid to bring up.

Find Words for situations where you've been feeling overpowered, outnumbered or backed against a wall. Situations that you used to avoid will feel safer because you'll feel better about speaking for yourself.


Conflict may be something that you tend to avoid because you're afraid of losing your temper. In the group we talk about what happens for you during conflict, this helps to build your confidence in your ability to find solutions that work for you.


Emotional Muscle gives you more self-control and helps you find the courage to start conversations that seem risky. You still feel your anger, and you are able to hear the other person's anger.

Confidential groups facilitated by a Nationally Board Certified Counselor give you the space you need to vent where you won't be judged or criticized for your thoughts or words. Everything said in the group stays in the group, including who's there. 

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These are not walk-in groups so you need to schedule a session with me to determine your fit for the group. Click here to join and strengthen your confidence and improve your relationships.

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