Groups for Therapists

Secondary Trauma is something we're all experiencing right now during this unprecedented challenge.

Intimacy is very difficult to achieve in consult groups because of the content and the larger size of the groups. These groups are small (no more than 5 participants) and the goal is to make your subjective experience and feelings about being a therapist the content of the group.


Groups are more risky than individual therapy and they also contain the potential for faster and more meaningful growth. Studies show increased neuro-plasticity and reduced experience of isolation overall in your life by participating in a therapy group. By being in the group, part of the burden of the work you're doing is shared among the other members. 

Confidential groups are absolutely necessary in order to feel safe. Because these groups are small, only a few other therapists will be witnessing your subjective experiences about life and how your profession informs it. 

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