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Anger Management Telehealth Groups in Seattle and throughout Washington

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“Improve your relationships without compromising your masculinity”

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  • Stop feeling like you're in trouble at home. My groups are designed to build your confidence and effectiveness in relationships. Most of the improvement is just from your regular attendance in the group. We don't talk you out of feeling angry, we just help you find better ways to express yourself when you've become angry.

  • Crack the Code: The group experience helps you learn skills to communicate better during conflict. This helps give you time so you can find more effective ways to respond. You still maintain your own values and beliefs, and are your own person. Only now, you have more options for finding a way to resolve the conflict.​

  • Online Groups have a number of advantages. You can live anywhere in the State of Washington and attend one of my groups. This comes in handy if you live in a small town where it's difficult to maintain privacy. There's no driving to attend group sessions and it's often easier to get to know people this way.

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Relationships can often be very tricky and confusing. In a men's group we help you build skills and find tools that will make relationships easier to navigate. You'll find effective ways to express what you may have been afraid to bring up. 

Build Confidence for situations where you've been feeling overpowered, outnumbered or backed against a wall. Situations that you used to avoid will feel safer because you'll feel better about speaking for yourself.

Conflict may be something that you tend to avoid because you're afraid of losing your temper. In the group we talk about what happens for you during conflict, this helps to build your confidence in your ability to find solutions that work for you. 

Confidential groups facilitated by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor give you the space you need to vent where you won't be judged or criticized for your thoughts or words. Everything said in the group stays in the group, including who's there. 

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Individual Counseling is helpful if your schedule is such that you can't attend group sessions. This can also help to provide you with more comfort and assurance if you're going through a crisis. 

Feeling stuck can stall your group experience. You may feel uncomfortable saying something in your group but you need to get if off your chest. This usually means that you've reached a wall in your path.

Breaking through the wall happens when we explore how your feelings and thoughts in the group may be reflecting what's happening in your other relationships. When you can experience this breakthrough within the safety of the group it will reverberate throughout your other relationships.

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